Number Plates

There are many different number plates available on the site. Acrylic Plates are available in different sizes:

  • Oblong 20.5″x4.4″ / 520mmx111mm
  • Square 11″x8″/280mmx204mm
  • Jap 13″x7″/ 330mmx178mm
  • Mororbike Square 7.5″x6″/ 190mmx152mm
  • Motorbike Oblong 9″x3″/230mmx75mm
  • Motorbike 7″x5″/178mmx127mm
  • Motorbike 6″x4″
  • US size 12″ x 6″ (303mmx152mm)
  • 9″x7″
  • Yellow oblong or square plates
  • Lipped legal oblong plates with your company info on lip.


Legal Plates

These are road and NCT legal plates under current Irish Law. The main requirements of the rules about the format of vehicle registration plates are:

  • The registration number consisting of numbers and letters must be in black on a white reflective background
  • The name of the county of registration must be in Irish, (examples are Baile Átha Cliath, Corcaigh, etc.)
  • The flag of the EU and the letters “IRL” must be placed on the left-hand side of the plate, the flag comprising 12 gold stars in a circle, the letters in white beneath it, all on a blue reflective background. No other numbers, letters, marks, etc., should appear on your registration plate.

If you select legal plates on the home page then these are road legal and NCT compliant plates.

Show Plates

These are for show purposes and are not road legal. In this section you can change your font colours, font type, and add extra text if required. You can also add logos. Along with the options available on the site we can also create other effects such as shadowing in a different colour, shrinking or enlarging font, adding custom slogans/images – just let us know what you require and we will preview your plate with no obligation.

Special Events Plates

Here the options are endless. Design a plate for any occasion in any of our plate sizes. Ideal for wedding cars, birthdays, christenings, new baby, sports events, child door name plates etc. You can design and order our most popular plates here on the site. If you don’t see what you want  have a look on our Facebook page

You can then send us an email with your request and we will send you back a plate preview.

Buggy Plates

If you’re searching for that perfect baby gift, or if you just want to add a unique and fun addition to your pushchair or childs toy then buggy plates are the answer.

They make a fun yet thoughtful gift which children love.  Although we call them buggy plates they can be put on  tricycles, bikes, go-carts, toy cars etc. They also make a great play house, door sign or bedroom decoration.

As these are printed on real number plates they are highly reflective for added safety.

These hard wearing plates are reusable ensuring a gift that can be treasured for years as the child grows.

Buggy plates are available in three sizes and can be designed to your requirements.


Direction Plates

Direction plates are available in square and oblong sizes and can be customised with different fonts and you can add directional arrows. Ideal for weddings, parties or businesses to help people find their way.



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